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Fitness coaching designed to enhance your physical fitness while developing the healthy habits, principles, and personal characteristics that drive you toward success in life.




Our mission at JCFLETICS is to provide personalized fitness plans, digital fitness products, services and exclusive training sessions, both in person and virtually, that cater to individual's unique fitness goals. We aim to guide our clients in their journey towards a healthier and more successful life by teaching them the fundamentals of fitness, principles of excellence, and the habits that drive achievement.

At JCFLETICS, you will be empowered to become successful leaders of your life. Making your health and fitness journey a priority will teach you not only how to get in the best shape of your life, but learn the mindset, fundamentals, principles, habits, and characteristics that lead to your success. Fitness is not just about physical strength, but it's a pathway to personal growth, abundance, and prosperity.

We believe success starts with you, health is wealth, and success is key towards a better and brighter future!

Our Fitness Training is designed for you. We meet you where you are and design programs, plans, and products that serve your individual goals from anywhere. Our services include mobile fitness training - trainers adapt to your preferred location; 1:1 Personalized Training - intentional, attentive focused workout sessions; Group Fitness; and Virtual Training.

Fitness Training

Our workouts focus on the art of of being intentional, personalized, efficient, and effective along the process of your fitness journey. We understand fitness is a journey, not just a destination so we embrace the process of development aligning every workout directly with your health and fitness goals so you continue to make progress, thrive, and get results.



A crucial part of fitness is a balanced diet. Notice we didn't say "an everything healthy diet" which means it's important to understand eating better can be a process and doesn't have to be tasteless. Taking steps towards eating better foods and staying hydrated  can lead to feeling better about yourself and improving your daily performance in your life. We offer tasty nutritional guidance. plans, grocery list and delicious recipes to ensure that your diet complements your fitness goals, helping you fuel your body for optimal performance and overall health.


Our coaching is crafted to meet you where you are and guide you towards the direction you want to be. We do this by being intentional, honest, understand what's important to you, and take the time to learn more about you and your goals so we can bridge the gap towards success not just within your health and fitness but every aspect of your life. We believe the same disciplines, characteristics, principles and values that make you successful in fitness also correlate with having success in your career, business, and entrepreneur journey. We teach you these components, encourage you, motivate you, and hold you accountable along the way. 


Health Is Wealth Course

What's training towards becoming your best self without the knowledge of leveraging your fitness journey to acquire success in your finances, career, and business. Success isn't just about how you look, but rather how you feel and perform daily. In this course, we simply break down the fundamentals of success that directly correspond with your fitness journey but act as the building blocks to elevate your quality of life by having success. We teach the leadership principles that help you take control of your life, LEAD your life, and be intentional about what you desire life to look like for you. 

Our Testimonials

What Clients Say

Sarah H.: "JCFLETICS completely transformed my fitness journey. The personalized training and motivational coaching pushed me to achieve goals I never thought possible."


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The JCFLETICS movement is spearheaded by Jeremiah Causby, a Fitness Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and the Creator of the 'Health Is Wealth Blueprint' – A Comprehensive Guide for Better Health, Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity. Jeremiah is renowned for his profound impact on individuals pursuing personal growth, transformation, success, abundance, and prosperity. His extensive expertise encompasses diverse areas, including entrepreneurship, business consulting, military service, collegiate sports, and life experiences.

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