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Elevate Your Game, 

Ignite Your Potential.

Customized Workouts

At JCFLETICS, our workout plans embody a philosophy rooted in personalization, adaptability, and individualized solutions. We meticulously design each workout to align with your distinct needs and specific fitness objectives. Your uniqueness takes center stage as we deliver fitness regimens tailored precisely to you, capable of accommodating shifts in your schedule or life circumstances effortlessly. Supported by our committed team of fitness coaches, you can anticipate real-time adjustments and expert guidance, guaranteeing a smooth journey to progress, no matter the challenges that may surface along the way.

Find Digital Workouts On-Demand With The           App

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Personalized Nutrition 

We revolutionize your approach to nutrition, removing the hassles of time-consuming grocery shopping and meal planning dilemmas. Our innovative strategy streamlines the journey with personalized nutrition guides and plans that are not only convenient but also delicious, perfectly tailored to your specific fitness goals. Plus, you have the option to indulge in the ultimate convenience of our chef-prepared meal prep delivered right to your doorstep. So, sit back, relax, and entrust us with the challenging tasks, all while you savor the benefits of our creative solutions for effortless and mouthwatering nourishment, conveniently enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

Top-Tier Fitness Training Programs

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Personalized Workouts Tailored To Your Needs.

Workout in Gym

30 Day Digital Workout Plan

Custom Plan Tailored To Your Goals 

Exercise from home or the gym

Progress Tracking

Virtual Check-ins


Transform Your Life In 12-Weeks: Stream Workouts, Digital Nutrition, & Coaching

Fit Girl

12-Week Digital Workout Plan

12-Week Digital Nutrition Plan

Custom Plan Tailored To Goals 

Clear Instructions & Progress Tracking

Virtual Check-ins; Grocery List; Recipe eBook


Customized Nutrition Specifically Crafted For You.

Eating Healthy Salad

30 Day Digital Nutrition Plan

Customizable Options & Guidelines

Nutritious, Variety, & Balanced Plans

Grocery List; Recipe eBook



Elevate Your Life: Access Exclusive Workouts, Customized Digital Nutrition, and Expert Coaching.

Fit Man

12-Week Personalized Training Plan

Nutrition Coaching; Meal Prep Delivery 

Mental Conditioning; Mindset Coaching  

Performance Tracking; 

1:1 Coaching


Access strength, booty, core, cardio classes and more on the app.

Get the JCF App free. Paid membership starts at $14.99/mo.*

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Find Your                             Fitness Coach

Find a fitness coach that will train you where you want, create the flexibility to train when you want, and create personalized fitness and nutrition plans that align with your goals.



What Our Clients Have To Say.

Amber - 

Joining JCFLETICS was a life-changing decision for me. With dreams of excelling in my military career and gaining confidence, I needed a personalized, user-friendly solution. JCFLETICS delivers just that, transforming not only my fitness but my entire life. It's a game-changer!

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